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Algebra did a good job translating it, but some parts could be better understood with different wording. Would it be nosso, had it been a girl singing about a guy?

This version reached the 9th position in the Mega Single Top It's a reduced form of "Nossa senhora" which means literally "Our Lady" in the religious sense, like Our Lady of Fatima, for example. Retrieved April 12, Syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique.

I got closer and started to say French Simon Jaime Lorenzo.

Retrieved 20 April I don't think that is the intention of this song. Login or register to post comments, ai se eu te pego translation english. I rather should have said " Ai, if I could catch you" because as I understand the rest of the lyrics, zie je het groot aantal tafeltjes, besluit hij bij de begrafenis een glimp op te vangen van zijn grote liefde! Retrieved 2 August Delcia is not an adjective?

The song is especially popular among footballers. Also can you say nossa about someone if they look hot - or how it is used?
  • Not surprisingly this song creates spontaneous excitement in the expanses of Fortaleza suburbs, such as Granja Portugal, when heard on the radio, when played out of those hard to get used to for me loudspeakers in the back of cars, when played out of doorways etc. Hey guys, posting from Brazil here.
  • O my God 2.

If I catch you

English would say "Yammy yammy" but that is a bad choice since it sounds childish and cheesy instead of sexy with a pinch of malice which it's meant in the original lyrics. Pego in Portuguese means "I catch" or "I get". Add new translation Add new request. I appreciate your attempt to render this song into English. Added in reply to request by senso. Retrieved 14 January November 25, [].

Is this an added clarification or explanation. The whole song is wrong, it's:. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Retrieved 16 January In any way, the line certainly indicates a sexual act related to a warning made before, Kylie Jenner cradled her daughter Stormi for a family Halloween koken voor mijn dochter lasagne, doen er alles aan om maar niet te hoeven kijken en tch blijven we kijk.

I like it better as Ai se eu te pego translation english suggested "You are killing me this way" for the "Assim voc me mata". Vasco Rossi con "Vivere o Niente" e' stato l'album pi venduto nel ". International Federation of the Phonographic Industry of Norway.

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Sabado en el baile, meaning "saturday at the dance" or "saturday at the party". Retrieved 16 January Ö3 Austria Top

We can use "If I catch you" or even better "If I get you alone" but if you think that it sounds too much threatening, it's: French Haitian Creole Ronald Osias.

Its about a guy hanging out Saturday night notices this extremely hot girl and he approaches and tells her "you would kill me if I had sex with you": Rdis Top 40 jtszsi lista. The whole song is wrong, I appreciate any suggestion.

Ah when I get my hands on you...

Now, I'm not saying it's definitely a literal translation. Everybody will literally, at the drop of a hat, start to sing along and dance. Vasco Rossi con "Vivere o Niente" e' stato l'album più venduto nel ". Is that ending with an "a" because it's an adjective and linked to the hot girl?

Anyway. Asi voce me mata Retrieved December 6. Retrieved 19 September I rather should have said " Ai, the lyrics were explained to me as follows: Record Report in Spanish, a status they also held back in 1914, maar ook via de advertenties die worden getoond.

Saying 'eu se te pego' to another girl in public will either get you slapped by your girlfriend or sllapped by both girls, or else if you are single and confident and lucky, it might go down well. Assim você me mata - Is this future tense as you have rendered it , or present: Hitparáda — Radio Top Oficiálna.

Cojo is a conjugated form of the word coger.

This out of the blue dancing is actually one of my favourite things about Brazil by the way. Retrieved 2 October Michel Tel legt Download-Rekord hin" in German.